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December 21, 2008

With lots of other things on the plate, I haven’t been in the dark room or peering into the ground glass for a while.  The one exception was to get a couple of prints ready for the latest show at KST (see other entry) and to make postcards for the 15th exchange at APUG as well as ready three prints for the 11th member print exchange.  Oh, and don’t forget the print exchange at the LPAholiday party.  Gee, I guess I did spend some time in the dark room with all that work to be done.

I’ve been very happy with the postcard exchanges at APUG ( although for the last several I’ve backed down from signing up for a full exchange list which has run up past 40 names.  I’m only signing up for 20 or 25 cards to keep the workload down a bit.  And the postage!  Wow, that gets pretty expensive!

The print exchange at APUG was the first one I’ve participated in.  I was a bit tardy getting my print out but it did make it and I’ve heard back from one person in my group (groups of 3 and 4 for this exchange) so I know at least one print arrived at its destination.  I’ve gotten all three of the prints from my group.  But I’ve run out of matte board and frames getting stuff ready for the KST show and just haven’t wanted to fight my way through the stores to get more.  After the 1st it should be better.  I think I’ll be signing up for this event again too.

And finally, the print exchange at the LPA holiday party was pretty good even if the attendance was a bit slimmer than last year.  I got a very nice color digital print and it is hanging on the wall now.  A architectural detail shot, very strong graphic lines.  Makes a good contrast to some of the rather soft, organic B&W stuff on the walls now.

Still, only a few new 8×10 negatives since the end of summer and nothing I’m all that excited about.  But I haven’t worked my way through printing all of them and variations in paper and tone and what-have-you.  Plus I hear the new Lodima paper is pretty good stuff.   I skipped the 2008 buy but maybe I’ll have to sign up for the next production run in 2009.  Or maybe I can convince Alex to sell me some… You hear that Alex?  Lets make a deal!  And by the way, I did get your buffalo skull into a frame, but no wire on the back yet.  Ran out of the little eye hooks because of KST!!!


Show at Kansas Secured Title

December 21, 2008

Well, I think we did quite well at the latest Lawrence Photo Alliance show at Kansas Secured Title.  This was KST’s holiday party and they invited those LPA members with work hanging at their office to attend.  I didn’t see the guest book tally but it seemed quite well attended.  Especially in this time of holiday party cut-backs.

Spoke with several of the local bankers, loan officers and others in the Real Estate business and all had good things to say about the work hanging on the walls.  Fielded several questions about how to contact the artists and availability of prints so I hope something good comes of that.