More about capturing time…

October 2, 2008

Been busy with lots of other things but I heard a statistic the other day.  Something about 80 billion photographs (obviously digital + film) made worldwide per year.

I wrote in another entry about how much time that represents.  That is to say, how much time is actually captured in the prints, the length of exposure.  I don’t think I picked such a high number of images before.  So just for the heck of it I’m going to repeat the calculation.

First I’ll assume everybody had double prints made and just call it 40 billion images.  And I’ll pick 1/100 of a second as the average exposure value.

40 billion / 100 = 400 million seconds

400 million seconds = 12.68 years!

So assume everybody had high speed film and the average exposure was 1/500 second, the final answer is still over 2.5 years.

An abuse of simple math and a poor accounting of time but the magic of large numbers makes it thought provoking.


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