More wacky sculpture

June 3, 2008

Another wacky student sculpture found in the Murphy Hall Courtyard, University of Kansas campus, Lawrence, KS.

Well, not found there any more.  I went back a few days later to find the name plate and get the right credits on this and it had been removed.

First time I went and looked close at this thing I noticed a squirrel was sunbathing.  It had stretched out along the right “shoulder” of the sculpture and was just soaking it up.  Campus squirrels are pretty tame little buggers.

Statue Guy

Senica 8×10, 14 3/4″ lens

ERA 100 @ 80, Pyrocat-HD 2:2:100, 8min in Jobo CPP2

Proof print on Arista Edu.Ultra (foma) VC (grade 2) RC paper.


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