Finally saw it happen with Pyrogallic acid developer!

June 3, 2008

My photo technique goal for 2008 has been two part. First part was to get more comfortable with my 8×10 camera. The second is to learn to use Pyrocat-HD as a developer. Combined, these two goals are so I can get back to alt-process printing with Cyanotype, Salt Printing and Albumen. One thing I read about Pyro based developers but had yet to see was the “bas relief” effect in the negative. As the gelatin tans, the legend says, you can see the image in a faint bas relief from the emulsion side. Finally saw that happen with on of my 8x10s. While not the greatest negative ever made, I finally saw the effect. Neato! The negatives were made out at the Baker Wetlands, just to the south of Lawrence, KS. Mostly I was out for the exercise. Physical exercise ’cause I need it. And the mental exercise of working with the 8×10. Setting up, learning to see how the 14″ lens sees, that sort of thing.


Proof prints:

   Footpath Looking East  Birdhouse

ERA 100 @ 80, Pyrocat-HD, 2:2:100 8min, Jobo CPP2

Printed on Ilford MGIV WT (old stock), selenium 1+3, 5 minutes

Nothing spectacular about either composition but the birdhouse negative is the first one where I actually saw the bas relief effect. 



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