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Polaroid is Dead. Long live Polaroid.

April 5, 2008

Finally, a reasonably decent day with enough sunshine to go try my Polaroid 809.  What is Polaroid 809 you ask?  It is 8×10 color instant film.  Requires a special holder and processor to pull the negative, positive receptor sheet and chemical pod through the rollers.  I have on loan from Alex Hawley a holder and tabletop processor.  Thanks Alex.

Loaded up the Seneca Improved View 8×10, installed the Leclair 13″ brass lens and with the judicious use of rubber bands and a Lee filter holder I can put the Packard shutter on the front of the lens.  With the camera racked out to about 20″ and some quick calculations, 1/3 second exposure is called for.  Except I can’t really guarantee anything that quick with the Packard.  Mine doesn’t have the “instantaneous” mode so best I can hope for is something under 1/2 second.

Not bad, a bit over exposed but what the hell, it worked!  Only screwed up twice getting to this point.  27 more sheets to go!

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