A bottle of snot!

March 30, 2008

Saturday I acquired a bottle of snot.  OK, not really a bottle of snot but that is what a bottle of Liquid Light emulsion reminds me of as I melt it out and divide it into smaller containers.  I went to the local camera store to have some color enlargements made and noticed they had a bottle in their little display fridge.  Turns out it was expired so they discounted it by 50% and Becky bought me the bottle for my birthday present.

I’ve melted out about 1/2 to 2/3 of the bottle into a collection of black 35mm film cans.  I then took one of the cans and diluted it about 2 parts snot to 1 part photoflo (working strength).  This I kept on the hot plate and melted down further while I coated several sheets of watercolor paper.  After a little bit more drying time I’ll slip the paper into some black bags so I can play with it tomorrow.

This should be very cool.  Some of the sheets coated nicely, at least it looks nice under the safelight.  A few of them I think the gelatin started to set while I was brushing and so they may have some emulsion balls stuck to the surface.  Almost like trying to spread out rubber cement.


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