Long exposure

March 19, 2008

OK, so how does a 3 month exposure grab you?


solargraphy_web.jpg(the “positive”).

Step 1: Stumble across interesting site where a woman has gathered lots and lots of 3 to 12 month exposure pinhole pictures and decide to try it. Also be sure to loose track of the link so you can’t find it again later… (Found it! http://www.solargraphy.com)

Step 2: Put a sheet of black and white photo paper into a pinhole camera made from a clean quart paint can.

Step 3: Strap said camera to side of deck, facing out across the back yard and to the west.

Step 4: Wait three months.

Step 5: Retrieve camera and remove “film”.

Step 6: Straight to the scanner, no developer bath (it would go black after all).

Step 7: Admire the pretty colors that appeared in the negative and the resulting “positive” made from the scan.

I’ve done a little bit of fooling around with extreme overexposure of B&W paper to produce a print from a large negative. Works pretty well but it will bleach back quite a bit in the fixer, even plain hypo. So I’m not going to run this one through the fixer. Just make a good scan and then store the negative in an envelope in the filing cabinet. It will eventually turn a uniform purple-gray color and be lost forever.


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