The wrong kind of pinholes…

March 17, 2008

So I get my hands on some Polaroid  809 8×10 color print film.  And Alex Hawley loans me an 8×10 Polaroid holder and processor.  Great, other than crummy weather, I’m all set.

Hmm, maybe I should double check that the camera is in good shape and ready to go.  How about we check the bellows for pinoles?  OK, sounds great.  You turn out the light and I’ll shine a flashlight inside the camera.  Hey, look at that, it is just like going to the planetarium!  Crap!  80+ year old bellows plus use of the camera has started the dissentrigration of the bellows!  I knew this would start but so soon?

Time to gather the bits to make a new one I suppose.  I love the smell of contact cement in the morning.  Smells like victory…

Mean time, I have a spare dark cloth I can drape over the bellows.  Must make some test exposures out in bright sun to be sure the pinholes aren’t going to light-strike the film.


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