What to do when it is cold outside…

January 27, 2008

Modify cameras!

Good ole’ Ebay coughed up a 6×7 roll film back to fit my Pacemaker Graphic. Then raid the matteboard scrap pile and fabricate a new lensboard for the Graphic. Add a pinhole and shutter. Last thing it to make a focal length ruler and tape it to the camera bed. Now you have a multi-shot, variable focal length, medium format pinhole camera!

I don’t have (yet) a 6×7 negative carrier for my enlarger so I’m cropping to square by using my 6×6 carrier.

Samples – (Fomapan 100 film, developed in Pyrocat-HD, printed on Ilford MGIV RC for scanning)

Magnetic Monkey Capt. Biff Manley, Space Patrol


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