Havin’ a good time!

December 30, 2007

Went out yesterday afternoon to the KU Campus. Becky has her new pinhole cap for her 35mm (but didn’t find anything she was excited to shoot with it ūüė¶ ) and I brought along FrankenRoid and a second pinhole camera I made from cherry wood several years ago but recently modified. Bender Photographic, Inc (http://www.benderphoto.com/) has at least three different kit cameras (4×5 monorail, 8×10 monorail and 4×5 pinhole box). I got started in large format by building one of their 4×5 monorail cameras. I like it a lot. The 4×5 box pinhole isn’t (in my opinion) quite as well designed so I’ve modified it slightly for a shutter and less problems with vignetting. I also need to modify the back so it will hold more securely the film holder.

Two shots with FrankenRoid and two shots with the Bender pinhole. Using 4×5 sheet film in the Bender so it was developed last night and hanging to dry. I’ll work on printing it tonight. I did something you aren’t supposed to do and this is make two major changes at the same time. First was new pinhole for the Bender, second was a completely different formulation of developer. Normally I use either Rodinal or D76 but I want to start working with Pyro based developers so these sheets were done in Pyrocat-HD. And one other boo-boo, looks like I miss-loaded the reel before putting it into the tank because two sheets were touching. Oh well, not like I was taking pictures to prove extraterrestrial life or ‘Nessie!

And I found a pretty good price for Fuji FP-100C (and -100B but not from the same seller) on Amazon.com. You can also go to eBay and find it from UltrafineDirect but his is going to be about 6 months expired, cold-stored. The Amazon.com one claimed to be fresh date for about $0.50 more per box. We shall see…

FrankenRoid Shot on the left (doorway of the Campanile is not as over exposed as the scan looks, need to rework the scan and add it later).  On the right is the result from my modified Bender Pinhole.  Shot on Foma 100, f230, 9 seconds, developed in Pyrocat-HD and printed on Ilford MGIV RC.

Fraiser Hall Flags     Another Fraiser Hall Pinhole Photo

Fuji FP-100C, 8 seconds and armpit development (cold outside). Tab slipped out of my glove at the start of the pull so I ended up with a little uneven development. Mistake or charming?


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