December 28, 2007

FrankenRoid FrontFrankenRoid sideQuick Testshot

FrankenRoid – picked up the body on eBay. Removed the pinhole that somebody had stuck on, made from foil duct tape (and really not very well at that, sorry previous owner-dude). Replaced it with a properly sized (in my opinion) hole, marked the top with three dots for angle of view then attached a shutter. A little further cleaning of the rollers and interior and it is ready to go. The rubber-band is the safety to keep the shutter closed, pinches down a little flap at the top of the sliding part.
The test shot is on the KU campus. I work at Malott Hall so I went downstairs to the SW entrance, balanced the camera on the rail and pointed up at Anschutz Library. Tipped down a bit far but just wanted to see if it worked. FP100c has quite a color shift for long exposure (20 sec).

Still pretty darn cool!


One comment

  1. Wow. You are the only person I know who could make something this crazy actually work. Well done!

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