Getting the rug pulled out from under the image…

December 9, 2007

Been a while since I could do much except play Engineer all day and get prints ready for LPA show at night.  But before it turned cold I spend an afternoon back on the KU Campus with the Seneca 8×10 and experimented some more with the last of my J&C Classic 100 film and Ilex lens.  Only a few more sheets of the J&C left so I’m not investing a lot of time into speed and developer testing.

Anyway, I noticed they had finally removed the sheets of plywood from the front of Spooner Hall (oldest building on the campus) and I’ve always liked the stone work and quote above the door.  “Whoso Findeth Wisdom Findeth Life”.  I guess this is from Proverbs but a quick check with Google and I find it also as “Whoso findeth me findeth life”.

Not a bad exposure but I am still having trouble learning to see the whole image.  Otherwise I would have noticed that entry-way rug was all bunched up!

Spooner Hall

It won’t be possible to see in this scanned copy, but in the print, because it is a contact print from an 8×10 negative, the detail is fantastic.  At least to me as I’m still used to seeing 8×10’s that are enlargements from 35mm negs.  The text carved below the center opening is crystal clear.  And I can see minute detail in the surface of the limestone.  And I can see that stupid rug has a “fuzzy side” and a rubber backing!


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