Veteran’s Day

November 11, 2007

Yesterday, Saturday 11/10, I decided I wanted to go back on KU’s campus and find some subjects to help me test my “new” Ilex lens and shutter.  I had made some minor repairs to the shutter so the slow speeds are working but I was itching to USE it!  (It should still have a real CLA though).

Also, I found an old package of J&C Pro 100 8×10 film I purchased several years ago to use with an 8×10 pinhole camera I made.  I used a little of this film out at the Ranch Road Ruin in the Flint Hills and even with my setup mistake, it looked pretty good.  And since I’m still getting technique down, it is priced right (that is, I already have it!). 

So load up the 8×10 holders, put it all in the trunk and out the door.

Used all 8 shots (I have 4 8×10 double-dark-slide or DDS holders).  While driving around I happened to drive past the Korean War memorial on KU’s campus.  The local ROTC cadets are standing post this weekend.  I’ve tried before to get a picture of the memorial and just didn’t care much for it.  I hoped that having the cadets present would make it more interesting.  Below is a quick scan from one of two negatives.  A print will show much more detail that my scanner can pick up.  (I have put a decent transparency scanner on my acquisition list but it will be a while yet).


While I was putting away my toys, I was approached by a staff reporter for the Lawrence Journal World, local newspaper.  His assignment was to cover the visitors to the KU war memorials.  Nice guy.  We talked for a little, discussed why I was there.  What we both thought of the memorials and how Veteran’s Day was observed in town.  When I checked today’s paper, he did quote some of the things I said, but only partly.  Sigh, so while I wasn’t misquoted, I was taken a bit out of context but then he (and his editor) are the ones writing their story.  In the article I think I came off as an opportunistic vulture.  :>(  And he didn’t pick up on my plug for the LPA either.

In the meantime I have 4 more sheets to process.  I’ve decided to try processing my 8×10 film in my Jobo CPA2 and a 2840 tank, I can only do one sheet at a time.  The 2840 tank could hold 2 sheets of 8×10 film but I would need some little clips that fit inside the tank to hold the sheets in place.  I buy used equipment so it was a lock that the clips would be missing!  Missing pieces aside, the tank works great.  I’m using Rodinal for nearly everything and I’m very happy with the results of the J&C Pro 100 film. 

An aside on the J&C Pro 100 film, it isn’t available any more.  J and C Photo went out of business (turned into a rather nasty affair) last year.  I was sad to hear it because they were local, in Overland Park, and had good prices on good materials.  The Pro 100 film was supposedly special made for them.  Searching around with Google you get a lot of stories that it might have been made by the same factory that makes Lucky SHD (Chinese).  All in all, a decent film for a decent price.  But nothing I should expect to ever buy again.


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