Murphy-Bromelstick House

November 5, 2007

Getting caught up on some film developing and printing this weekend. Between what I generate and what Becky does I had 8 rolls of 35mm to process (some from last St. Patrick’s Day and also Band Day!) as well as several sheets of 4×5 and 8×10 to deal with. I do enjoy my Jobo CPA! Makes this stuff a lot easier than sloshing sheets around trays in the dark or straining my wrist agitating small tanks.

Anyway, made a couple of 8×10 negatives at the Murphy-Bromelstick house. My girlfriend Becky was again quite patient as I fiddled around and got set up.  Not exactly a point and shoot camera!  Used the 400mm single element lens I made. Still learning the subtleties of focus associated with that crazy thing. Amazing that it both works well and has such an odd focusing pattern away from the central axis. Lots to learn.

This scan is a bit more pink that the real print. The Fomatone MG Classic Baryta base is a little more chestnut brown after toning in Selenium 1+3 than this scan indicates. Same cheap scanner I keep bitching about…

RJD at the Muphy-Bromelstick House


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