A little more salt-print making…

November 5, 2007

Got another chance to do some salt-printing.  This is sort of a misnomer because I’m not printing with salt.  The light sensitive element is silver chloride.  But to create it you first coat the paper in a salt solution (I happen to be using Kosher salt so we have sodium chloride) then you coat it with a dilute solution of silver nitrate.  And you get silver chloride (and sodium nitrate which washes out) on the paper.  Add a little Knox gelatin to size the paper and you are on your way.

Heck, we used silver, how about using some gold too!  Make a gold-borax toning solution with gold chloride, borax and a few other simple ingredients.  This toner (unlike most others) gets used BEFORE fixing the print.  Depending on several variables, it will warm the print toward a chocolate brown or make it a peachy-brown.  In my case, I’m getting peachy-brown. 

This is a contact print from a 4×5 negative (a camera I built several years ago, but the lens is a modern commercial design) on some FomaPan 100 sheet film.  Developed in Rodinal on the ole’ Jobo CPA.  This is one of the cable support anchors for the power cable towers below the Bowerstock Dam.

Cable Anchor


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