More adventures in “what were you thinking” land…

October 27, 2007

Of the three sheets of film I exposed in the Flint Hills, I had hopes for this one taken at a ranch ruin off of Deep Creek Road. There is something funny going on with the film holder or possibly the camera itself. This has the same defect along the short edge that the APHS film had. Looks like a miss-loaded holder. Same problem with too much front rise but I’m over that. I know how to cure that problem (use a bigger darkcloth). This was done with J&C 100. J&C 100 is most likely FortePan or ADOX. J&C is long gone now (too bad) but I bought a small package of the 8×10 film when I made an 8×10 pin hole camera.

Processing real sheet film has to be done in total darkness, you can’t have a safe light on like with the APHS. Two choices, one is tray processing in the pitch black. Second is to use a tank of some kind and work in daylight. I can do one sheet at a time in my Jobo in the 2840 tank. If I ever find the little clips that originally came with it (I seem to buy everything used with at least one part missing) I could do two sheets of 8×10 at a time.

All the same, it is fun! Lots to learn about the Seneca and the Leclair R.R. lens!

Deep Creek Road Ranch Ruin


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