The 8×10 Portrait Experience

October 1, 2007

Becky consented to sit for some portraits with my “new” 8×10 Seneca. I decided to use the 400mm singlet lens so the portrait would have central focus with a nicely fuzzed out boarder. For film I’ve got a pile of Freestyle APHS litho which if you use a dilute developer (Rodinal 1:200) you can get continuous tone. While not the same as a “real” panchromatic film, it does a very nice job of rendering continuous tones.

In all three of these portraits I used a considerable amount of front shift (perhaps too much as there are some coverage issues) so that instead of having the “sharp” part right in the center, it is lower on the frame.

With that said, here the results:
Rebecca KU 001Rebecca KU 2Rebecca KU 3

These are scans from the negatives as made by a craptacular HP PSC 1410v. Not the worst all-in-one printer/scanner in the world but not the best either. Does a pretty good job but always seems to need the “descreen” option selected no mater what it scans.

The third negative looks the most promising for a good print, seems to have even development all the way round and good density. And so it does make a nice print! But I can’t get a good scan. đŸ˜¦


One comment

  1. These portraits are awesome rob! They have a very cool eerie quality. Check work by one of my favorite photogs_ Polly Chandler.


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