Freestyle APHS & Rodinal!

September 25, 2007

OK, so I’ve spent my allowance already but I still want some 8×10 film. I could keep using photo paper (see other posts). It works but there are some short comings.

What are my options? Can you say litho film? Freestyle Photo sells a nice one, Freestyle APHS. Reasonable price. And there are handfuls (handsful?) of formulas and recommendations for getting continuous tone from litho film. The easiest is to use highly diluted Rodinal. Good ol’ Does-it-all Rodinal.

A few links about using APHS and Rodinal:
Jim Galli
APUG thread(and by the way, LOTS of good stuff at APUG).

So loaded up some APHS and gave it a try. First try, not so hot. I think I miss-metered the test target. Second try, much better density in the negative. But while drying, it looks like there is some scum on the back (non-emulsion) side of the negative.

A scan of the negative, made positive with GIMP: Freestyle APHS and Rodinal Test #1


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