Rectilinear Lens – wreck’d a linear what?

September 12, 2007

Once again, Ebay pays off. Won an auction for a circa 1880 “Rapid Rectilinear” style portrait lens. The good thing is it comes with one Waterhouse stop so fabricating additional stops will be simple. And I have a proven design to examine with the hope of building something similar.

The Rapid Rectilinear lens is a symetrical two (sometime given as four) element configuration. The two versus four comes from how the two groups are fabricated. A more modern process would be two but this one is likely made by cementing two lenses together to form each group, thus four pieces of glass.

The big name in Rapid Rectilinear’s is “Dallmeyer” as in John Henry Dallmeyer. This isn’t a Dallmeyer brand though, at least it isn’t stamped Dallmeyer.


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